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Dawn Saturday morning at Song Dog, from the door of my tent looking east
Dawn Saturday morning, looking south, across the valley
Dawn Saturday morning, looking southwest, with one of the campgrounds "facilities" centered.
Dawn Saturday morning, looking northwest, toward another camper's palacial tent (Dave Svoboda or Dwight Emerson's - probably Dwight's)
My home-away-from-home and my bike - the motorycle that has been to more Joust's - eleven - than any other.
Siesta on Saturday at the new Song Dog lodge - from left to right: Jerry Wills, Dwight Emerson, Roland Smith, with Jerry Will's four- wheeled "motorcycle" in the background (whatever happened to people riding MOTORCYCLES to the Joust?)
Looking across the valley through the juniper bushes from the lodge.
Kevin Tiene standing, Sara Hammer smiling, Jerry Wills contemplating the final days of his hat.
Dave Svoboda gets bored and flies a kite, Kevin's trying to confirm Dave actually has it in the air rather than dragging it on the ground, Ed Hacket looking bemused.
No Dave, but the kite's trying to fly. Glimpse of Tejas' BMW and tent.
Dave Doudna and Noemi Berry arrive on their GS's, Charles Statman tries to ignore them, Sara Hammer looks on.
Inside of the Song Dog lodge. Facing camera left to right: Roland Smith, Joann Ferreira, Tejas Edwards, Noemi Berry brushing hair after a refreshing cold shower (i.e., takes-your-breath-away cold shower, but at least its a shower).
Tejas, Jerry, and Ed plotting the overthrow of the known world - Ed's got the rocket fuel, Tejas has the time, Jerry's got the insanity.
Roland Smith getting ready to ride the two-stroke-blender, Eric Bong checking out the view behind the lodge. Margarita mixings ready.
Ed Hackett showing how one rides the two-stroke blender, as Roland looks on.
Co-Generalissimo Mark Alpin ("I'M NOT IN CHARGE, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE", quote courtesy of Lissa Shoun) rests from his DRIVE up and surveys his kingdom (OK, OK, he has an excuse of recent back surgery), .
Ellen Carrico taking pics
The daytime stargazing society looking for stars, Dave's trying to figure out where they went on his handy California map (right to left: Dawn Merriman, Eric Bong, Ed Hacket, Doug Merriman hidden by map, Dave Svoboda with map)
Most of the daytime stargazing society gave up, except Eric, or did he just fall asleep?. Mark ("I'M NOT IN CHARGE, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE") looks with distaste over his domain. Wolverine/the one TRUE Beth Dixon arrives, worn out by her hard passengeering in Jim Franklin's Jeep.
Doug Merriman gets comfortable, Jim Franklin looks with distaste over Mark's domain also (although his shirt tries to look happy), Dawn Merriman looks pensive.
Roland speaks sagely, with hecklers behind. Left to right: Ellen Carrico, Ed Milich, Ed Hackett, Roland Smith, Beth Dixon - note that only ONE person in this picture actually arrived at the Joust by motorcycle, and its also his first Joust (Ed).
Sunset Saturday evening #1
Lissa Shoun ("I'M NOT IN CHARGE, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE") preparing for the evening's now-traditional show.
Sunset Saturday evening #2
Sunset Saturday evening #3
Sunset Saturday evening #4 - (with flash - which, for some reason, doesn't help much with sunset pics), looking at the sunset with my bike & tent in the foreground.
Sunset Saturday evening $5 - same as previous, but turned off flash (in case you care)
Revelers - Doug and Dawn Merriman, Rubye Cervelli, Jim Franklin.
Charles Statman (Also known as Crazy Charles per Beth Dixon) checking out Mark Alpin's ("I'M NOT IN CHARGE, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE") tiny and LOUD dirtbike.
Lissa Shoun's show: twirling fireworks #1
Lissa Shoun's show: twirling fireworks #2
Lissa's firebreathing #1, people to be barbequeued in background
Lissa's firebreathing #2 (from behind her)
Lissa's firebreathing #3 (a bit blurry)
Lissa's firebreathing #4 (neato early-ignition shot)
Charles Statman (aka Crazy Charlie) tries his hand/mouth at fire breathing, as Lissa looks on from the left.
Charles breathes more fire - nice side shot with trailers going off to the right.
Charles firebreathing #3
Charles firebreathing #4
Awards ceremony - Charles Statman tells his hwy 58 "whoop-dee-doo" story about his flying Harley (a flying Harley story that DIDN'T involve a cliff). Mark Alpin ("I'M NOT"... you get the idea) looks for more hecklers.
someone who will remain nameless brought fireworks
The beginning of the traditional midnight rev-off (to see who has the loudest bike, usually to the great displeasure of neighboring campers, although we were the only one here this year).
If sound per displacement was an award, Mark's tiny yet-not-ridden-to-the-Joust entry would have had a winning combination (but anyone can bring a noise-maker in the back of a pickup - the trick is riding it there without getting a ticket).
Like rider, Charles's Harley breathes fire (it was actually much brighter in person, I just kept missing the brightest bursts by taking the pic just as he let off the throttle). Burning a bit rich, Charles?
Jerry Wills donates his hat to the fire for some reason I never quite understood other than the fact it was getting a bit old. He's worn this hat at every Joust, and it even did done some of its own traveling down Hwy 395 and was scooped up in mid-air by another Jouster.
The end of Jerry Will's hat.
Lissa (background on left) is about to pantomime putting (supposedly NON-toxic, according to the label) glow-stick contents into Jim Franklin's hair for about the next 15 minutes, which he is evidently quite pleased about (as Doug Merriman on left and Dave Doudna on right look on). Jim stayed in town a couple of extra weeks before moving back to the east coast just so he could attend this Joust and be abused some more.